Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax on properties bought in England and Northern Ireland. You’ll need to pay it when you buy a residential property that costs more than £125,000. Use this calculator to work out how much Stamp Duty you’ll need to pay on your new home. You can also use it to work out how much you’ll pay on an additional property that costs more than £40,000, like a buy to let or second home, which attracts an extra 3% charge.

Stamp Duty Calculator FAQ

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax that needs to be paid only if you’re buying a residential property or piece of land in England or Northern Ireland.

Our Stamp Duty calculator will help you work out how much you will need to pay, if any at all. This tax may apply whether you’re a first-time buyer, buying an additional property or moving to a new home having bought a house before. This can also apply if you’re going down the buy-to-let route.

When does Stamp Duty need to be paid?

Stamp Duty must be paid within 14 days after finalising the purchase of a property. This used to be a 30 day period, but was reduced to 14 from March 2019.

Usually a solicitor or conveyancer acting on behalf of the client would submit any Stamp Duty Land Tax returns, so it shouldn’t have a significant impact on you if that’s the case.

How much Stamp Duty will I need to pay?

Below are the Stamp Duty rates from October 2021:

Tax BandNormal RateAdditional Property
Less than £125k0%3%*
£125k to £250k2%5%
£250k to £925k5%8%
£925k to 1.5m10%13%
1.5m and above12%15%

*If you were to purchase an additional property for less than £40k, you will not be taxed at all. The 3% only comes into effect from £40k up to £125k.

Is it possible to claim a Stamp Duty refund?

You might be able to claim a Stamp Duty refund if you already own a property and are moving to a new home. It’s possible that after you sell the original property, you can claim a refund of Stamp Duty applied to the new property at the higher rate.

This refund must be claimed through the HMRC. They have a form that you can fill in called “Apply for a repayment of the higher rates for additional properties.” You will only be able to claim for a Stamp Duty refund within 12 months of the sale of the previous property.

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