Best Schools in Ramsey, Huntingdon 2022

An overview of the schools in Ramsey and which ones are best based on inspection rating.

Inspection Rating

About Abbey College

Abbey College believes in helping all students to be challenged, in all aspects of their learning and to help them to be aspirational and recognise that they are capable of anything they put their mind to.

The Abbey College Spirit is the set of virtues that underpins their school community. The spirit comprises of three key virtues: humility, intuition and passion, which they expect all members of their school community to work towards. The schools’ reward system is based around the virtues; students are recognised with stamps when they demonstrate excellence in the day’s ‘spirit 15’ and they have a log book to record evidence that they have demonstrated the virtues both in the wider school and in the community. Students who have completed achieved the gold standard at the end of Key Stage three will take part in a special, gowned graduation service to celebrate their achievements. At Key Stage 4, students who achieve the gold award will earn a special tie which contributes towards the achievement of a prestigious purple tie in Year 11.

OFSTED found the school to be good in all areas in March 2018. They recognised the school for the pupils good behaviour. The students are ‘polite, respectful of the opinions of others, and prepared and willing to learn.’

Inspection Rating

About Ramsey Junior School

Ramsey Junior School is a successful, thriving school with high aspirations for all their pupils. They are very proud of all their children’s achievements. They want their children to be safe and happy. Standards of behaviour and academic attainment are high. In 2018 they were judged 3rd best school in Cambridgeshire.

OFSTED found the school to be good in all areas in January 2020. They recognised the school for its ‘calm and purposeful atmosphere.’

Inspection Rating

About Ramsey Spinning Infant School

Ramsey Spinning Infant School is a friendly, fun school with extremely well-behaved and sensible children. They believe that happy, safe, young children make great learners!

OFSTED found the school to be good in all areas in January 2020. They recognised that the leaders and staff of the school are ‘committed to ensuring that all pupils flourish, both socially and academically,’ and that there is a ‘strong focus on pupils’ personal development.’

Inspection Rating

About The Ashbeach Primary School

The schools vision statement, ‘learning for life – to be the best we can possibly be’ encapsulates their focus on the balance between progress, achievement and life skills. They place emphasis on the children being at the centre of everything they do and every decision they make about school.

Their curriculum is child-centred, cross-curricular and hands-on. They work hard to engage the children actively in their learning and in return they show excitement and enthusiasm within lessons. They use the outdoor space whenever they can to bring learning to life and to make connections for the children.

OFSTED found the school to be good in all areas in January 2018. They recognised the schools staff and leaders for their work to keep the children ‘safe, care for them and help them to become successful learners.’

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