Best Schools in Godmanchester, Huntingdon 2022

An overview of the schools in Godmanchester, Huntingdon and which ones are best based on inspection rating.

Inspection Rating

About Godmanchester Bridge Academy

Godmanchester Bridge Academy seeks to provide the best possible start to education. This school is for children aged 4-11 years in the Godmanchester area.

The school opened for pupils at the beginning of the school year September 2016-2017. Then moved to the wonderful new premises in September 2017.

The school offers high levels of teaching standards. It also has a robust organisational structure and wide-ranging curricular and extracurricular opportunities. The state of the art premises also has a purpose built preschool and a wrap-around care Kids’ Club on site.

Inspection Rating

About Godmanchester Community Academy

Godmanchester Community Academy has a history of high quality primary education and success. They are a large school, with an engrained community feel.

They currently have 14 classes across 7 year groups. The teaching staff have lots of experience and are enthusiastic individuals. They dedicate themselves to the education and nurturing of the children.

The school has excellent facilities including a specialised music hall and an indoor swimming pool. The main hall is equipped with P.E apparatus. Externally, they have large playing fields organised into many zones. They also have an outdoor learning area; a gardening area; a climbing area and an adventure playground.

The school offers a full programme of extracurricular clubs and activities such as football, drama, dance and hockey. They also have a dedicated Kids Club on site for before and after school childcare provision.

They became an academy school in 2012. Then in 2020 they joined ACES Academies Trust: a multi academy trust of schools in Huntingdon and Godmanchester.

About St Anne's Church of England Primary School

As a Church of England primary school, everything they say and do is done ‘within the love of God’. Their Christian distinctiveness is clear in all that they do. St Anne’s Spirit is more than a behaviour policy. It is a set of principles that the entire St Anne’s Community accepts and works towards. This enables everyone at the school to work together.

All faiths are welcome. Children and families are not expected to have a faith commitment, but Christian values and references do guide all that goes on at St Anne’s.

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