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Properties in Cambridge

The houses around the city centre and the train station are commonly period homes, while there are a number of stunning sizable Victorian houses with picturesque large gardens.

As you move further away from the city centre, you have more detached house options available, with bigger gardens, albeit the trade off being a longer walk to the station and to local amenities.

If you don’t mind going a little further afield, you also have the neighbouring villages of Little Shelford and Great Shelford.

House Prices in Cambridge

At the time of writing, the average house price in Cambridge is £496.326, up approximately 7% on last year. If you wanted a detached house however, you will have to part ways with approximately £697,821 on average.

Terraced houses do offer a much more reasonably priced option, with the average price at around £438,727.

The Cambridge Area

Cambridge is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, home to the Fitzwilliam museum, the river Cam and the illustrious university of Cambridge.

De Freville Avenue is most certainly one of the most sought after areas of Cambridgeshire, being a short distance to some of the best schools in the area and have beautiful period townhouses.

Another popular area is Chesterton, which is a short walk from the city centre, making it ideal for those who are regular restaurant visitors or want to be close to a lively scene.

Gwydir street is locally known as the friendliest street in the town, with neighbours all closely bonded and hosting the annual summer street party, while the street contains Victorian terraced houses.


Cambridge Transport Recommendations

Cambridge offers a direct commuting route to London, albeit with the beauty of the British countryside. The King’s Cross train route makes for an easy and relatively quick trip to the capital.

The city centre is relatively small, therefore you should be able to walk to most key spots in the city, however if you’d prefer a taxi then there are a number of taxi ranks available, including near the bus stations and the railway.

There is also a regular bus route going through the city, visiting the railway station.

It is recommended against driving through town unless absolutely necessary, as parking is very hard to find and overpriced, while the signposting isn’t very clear if you’re new to the area.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the number one estate agents in Cambridge.

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